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How to Smooth Your Hair

Smoothing is done a lot by women to make her hair neat and straight.

Usually straight hair is more graceful, but because the cost for smoothing is quite expensive, then many people do smoothing themselves.

Smoothing can be done without having to go to the salon but should be extra careful and use a drug that has been recognized for its advantages, lest it damages your beautiful hair.

Smoothing your own hair is not too difficult but not originally, you need to learn it first.

How To Smooth Your Own Hair Easily

Before starting smoothing, prepare the necessary ingredients, namely:

  • Hair smoothing drugs with registered and clear brands
  • Plastic gloves to avoid hand exposure to chemical infections in smoothing drugs
  • Comb to remove tangled hair that can interfere with smoothing process
  • Towels for drying hair
  • Shampoos and Conditioners for hair washing

Once all is available, then you can start the steps as follows:

1. Cleaning The Hair

Clean the hair using enough shampoo, so that the drug to be smeared is not mixed or carried away with dirty hair.

After the use of shampoo, add it with a conditioner to soften the hair.

2. Massaging Hair And Scalp

cara smoothing rambut yang benar dengan matrix

The purpose of massaging this head is to make the hair and head relax because soon it will be smeared with a fairly harsh chemical drug.

The massage of hair and head is carried out gently.

3. Dry The Hair

cara smoothing rambut rusak

You can use a hair dryer to speed up hair drying, or if you want to dry naturally, you just have to use a fan and dry your hair.

Gently comb your hair, do not get tangled, because tangled hair will interfere with the smoothing process.

4. Dividing The Hair Or Partially Binding

cara smoothing rambut sendiri dengan bahan alami

Once the hair is slightly dry or moist, then tie the hair into sectionss.

Since the drug to be smeared cannot be applied directly to many hairs, it must be smeared with a thin set of strands to be more evenly distributed.

One part that is not tied, remains snarky but do not get too thick, only the thin part.

And it is this part that is ready to be smeared with smoothing drugs.

5. Combing And Smearing Hair Gradually

cara smoothing rambut yang benar

The decomposed part is then gently combed until straight, then smeared smoothing and done evenly from the base to the ends of the hair.

Once one part is smeared, open the bond or another part which is also thin with a thickness of about 3mm, and smear the hair with smoothing drugs.

Perform the step on the other part of the hair in the same way, until all the hair is smeared with the drug and make sure that the drug is evenly distributed on all strands.

Because if something is not part, then it will cause some parts to jump.

6. Keep The Scalp Condition

cara smoothing rambut tanpa catok

In the process of smearing the drug or cream smoothing, make sure your scalp is safe, do not get exposed to chemical drugs because the drug can irritate sensitive scalps.

If accidentally exposed to the scalp, immediately wipe by using a towel so that the drug does not permeate the skin for long.

7. Let Stand For About 30 Minutes

cara smoothing rambut yang bagus

In order for the smoothing drug to permeate the whole hair, let stand for about 30 minutes or more, because the longer it is silenced, the deeper the drug will seep into the hair.

Do a test for hair, if it is already stiff then the absorption process is enough.

8. Wash Your Hair With Warm Water

cara smoothing rambut alami

Using warm water to easily remove hair cream smeared, or can also use regular water but accompanied by a lot of shampoo.

9. Dry Hair

tata cara smoothing rambut

Use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process.

Once dry and straight, paint at the right temperature.

10. Apply Hair Moisturizer

cara smoothing rambut pendek

The straight but stiff hair should be softened with a hair softener that is usually already a must with smoothing cream.

Apply a softener and let stand for 30 minutes.

11. Wash Back And Dry

This is the last step, wash the hair to remove the softening cream, then dry and paint until straight and soft.

Once you have practiced the way of smoothing the hair described above, you should diligently do hair care, either to the salon or take care of yourself, so that the hair is not damaged due to the smoothing process.