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Hair coloring has been a trend and widely used lately. Some salons even almost all provide hair coloring treatment services.

There are many hair color options you can choose from that you can specify based on your hair type, hairstyle, skin color, and working or school environment conditions. One option that now hits is a dark blue or dark blue hair color.

This color can be evenly smoked throughout the hair and can be made with ombre models and highlights.

Blue Black Hair Color


1. Denim Hair Color

As the name suggests, this color of blue hair looks like the color of denim or jeans.

The base color is black and given color to some strands of hair such as dark blue, green and gray.

That way, the color on this hair adds an impression that is increasingly similar to the color of the denim material.

This color is not used on the whole hair, so for those who will change the hair color it is better to remove the hair pigment first in order to get the most out of it.

2. Dark Blue Color With Light Accents


This blue hair color has two basic colors namely dark blue and light blue.

Dark blue is applied to the base color of the hair, resulting in a dark effect.

Meanwhile, some strands of hair are colored in a bright blue color.

The use of this color produces an attractive color due to the two contrasting shades of blue.

3. Blue Hair Model With Violet Highlights

Violet is a derivative of blue that produces a reddish effect.

Violet color can be used to give a beautiful color blend effect.

Like other blue hair colors, that becomes basic.

This model uses a dark blue color, so that the violet color can appear to the maximum.

4. Lowlights Blue Hair Color

This hairstyle does not produce an overly lit blue hair color.

Thus, the black impression is actually felt on this hair model wara.

However, in a state of not much light, the blue color on this hair will be noticeable.

This blue hair is suitable for casual and formal circumstances because the results are not very striking.

5. Multidimensional Blue Color

This hair model is a blend of some interesting blue derivatives.

This type of curls is perfectly suited to this hair color.

Colors used include blue, violet, and gray.

The blend will be more striking with the base color of dark or black hair.

6. Ombre Blue And Silver Color

contoh gambar warna rambut blue black

The top is given a dark blue color and in the middle to the ends of the hair is silver.

It’s great to apply to the wave model’s hair as it will feature a blunky silver color.

7. Ombre Blue And Gray Color

cat rambut sasha warna blue black

For this model, the blend of blue hair with gray at the bottom will also give a unique impression because it is made horizontally and looks like a gradation.

8. Ash Blue Color

contoh warna rambut blue black miranda

The slightly faint blue color makes this blue color natural and you can appear with natural-looking hair.

9. Dark Blue Ombre Color And Light Green

cat rambut warna blue black yang bagus

The combination of dark blue and light green will make something that looks different but not tacky, will even impress and charming.

10. Ombre Blue And Purple Colors

warna rambut blue black matrix

Uniting blue with purple is very rare, as these two colors have their own strengths.

However if you make it like a gradation as in the image, of course that color will produce something sexy especially for your curly hair.

11. Dark Blue And White Ombre Color

warna rambut blue black garnier

Ombre or a mixture between blue and white is made by applying simultaneously between the two colors.

12. Tosca Blue

hukum mewarnai rambut warna blue black

This tosca color is closer to blue, and looks shining with your wave hair.

However, dark blue is more dominant in this hair, while tosca has only a shining effect.

13. Dark Blue Color For Straight Smoothing Women’s Hair

gaya rambut warna blue black pria

This example of blue black hair color is very dark even from afar will look like black.

Very good applied to straight hair smoothing results as well as natural.

14. Original Dark Blue Color

hukum semir rambut warna blue black

This blue color looks like the original blue, with a slightly dark color and does not look flashy but produces a sexy impression because of the vagueness.

15. Blackish Blue

cara ombre rambut warna blue black

This blackish-blue color remains more dominant in its blue color, but it has a black effect, which can be used for both black and white owners.